Our Values


Team concept

The goal is the same, weight-bearing leading, tacit trust, and risk-sharing. The company advocates the wolves team spirit. The wolves are the only ones who can think fast while running fast. This is the spirit we need. In the process of achieving this goal, everyone must be loyal to their team, bravely shoulder the heavy burden, discover the potential, work hard, strive to be the "leader" in the team, cooperate in harmony, be willing to dedicate, be united, and compete in the fierce market. Struggling to beat the waves, and ultimately realize the strategic goals of the company's development while realizing their own value in life.


Talent Concept

As long as you are willing and able to work hard and dedicate yourself to the enterprise, the enterprise needs talents. When selecting talents, the first consideration is the knowledge and skills of the personnel and the needs of the job, so that the two can achieve the best combination. Give full play to the expertise and abilities of each employee.


Quality philosophy

High standards, refinement, and zero defects "High standards, refinement, and zero defects" are the basic requirements of enterprises for employees and the basic working attitude of employees. High standards are prerequisites, refinement is the basic requirement, and zero defects are the ultimate goal. The three are interlinked and are indispensable.


Marketing concept

Creating value for users to win marketing for the 21st century, "Creating value for users" is no longer a simple sales connotation, but to work hard to create value for users that is not or not available in other companies. They became repeat customers and eventually became friends.


Business philosophy

Broad, humble, and beyond. Implementing the brand strategy of the enterprise, the enterprise and employees grow together, cultivate the core competitiveness of the enterprise, optimize the allocation of resources, develop economies of scale, create learning organizations, and improve the resilience of enterprises. Collaborate with partners to create new value and market, build trust relationship with customers, and achieve the goal of maximizing customer benefits.

In terms of product line structure, the company focuses on the high-end quality of various edge banding and customer needs. Through the company's strong customization and manufacturing capabilities, it continues to lead and improve customer needs and satisfaction. Through the understanding of edge banding and precise process quality grasping ability since the establishment of the company, the company continues to expand its prospects to meet the demands of customers in the future commercial environment, and seeks to provide customers with more efficient furniture solutions.