·Provide over 2000 colors and decorative finishes;

·Various thickness and width meet your different demands;

·Perfect match with all famous plates.

·Complete the quotation within 24 hours of receiving the customer inquiry;

·Free available sample;

·Fast production and on-time delivery.

Design team

Having strong design capabilities is a core factor in maintaining competitiveness. The design of edge banding is suitable for the market trend of international furniture cabinets. Exquisite workmanship on the color and decorative surface makes it match perfectly with the domestic and foreign plates. We fully understand that customer needs always change with economic development. Therefore, we have been working hard to meet the diversified and personalized requirements of our customers, while improving our own design system capabilities. We firmly believe that providing high-quality edge banding products is only one of our work, and providing high-quality services throughout the course is our work mission.

Engineering environmental protection concept

Green, healthy: Nowadays, returning to nature and paying attention to health are the major issues and strong desires facing mankind. The green ideas and behaviors that people have been pursuing have gradually penetrated into the hearts of the people. As far as decoration is concerned, green design and green installation are popular. Environmental protection is a responsibility of every enterprise. At the beginning, we use environmentally friendly raw materials, such as environmentally friendly PVC, ABS, Acrylic. During the production process, use environmentally friendly additives, inks, etc. It can reduce the body damage and environmental pollution.